japread is a web application for learning Japanese vocabulary and kanji with flashcards. You can look up words in the built in dictionary and organize them to decks and directories. A tool for reading Japanese texts with a popup dictionary is also available.

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Search the dictionary and learn with example sentences
Study kanji and view words for each reading sorted by JLPT levels
View in the dictionary
Read Japanese texts with a popup dictionary
Sign up and start reading
Create flashcards from dictionary entries selecting only the relevant meanings and sentences
Let me make some flashcards
Organize your vocabulary into decks and directories
Take me to sign up
Study with flashcards and the spaced repetition system
I want to try now

and the future

This application is only in the beginning of its development. And I dream that once it could turn into an ultimate Japanese-learning sytstem.

If you have any awesome ideas, please, feel free to fill in my form and let me know.

Nontheless, here are some of mine. You are also welcome to express your opinion on any of these ;)

Read any Text

  • Paste any text into the application
  • View all the kanji, vocabulary and grammar from the text in lists
  • Export the vocabulary into flashcards
  • View statistics
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Learn with Flashcards

  • Create, remove and organize flashcards
  • Add your own notes to flashcards
  • Create flashcards with custom phrases
  • Check yourself in both directions: from japanese to english and from english to japanese
  • Learn to write kanji with flashcards
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Browse Dictionary History

  • Search for words
  • Browse your search history
  • Create flashcards from the history
  • Learn and revise all the searched vocabulary
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Learn and Compete with Friends

  • Make friends with other users
  • Share your flashcard decks and texts with your friends or make them public
  • Challenge others in learning vocabulary decks and earn points for winning challenges
  • Watch the progress of each other
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Master Vocabulary and Kanji

  • Learn japanese words and kanji with flashcards
  • Check kanji stroke order
  • Learn kanji with words
  • Learn to distinguish similar kanji
  • Practice writing kanji
  • View example sentences for all the words
  • Add your own example sentences
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It is a Game

  • Get points for learning
  • Earn badges for learning vocabulary related to some topics, learning grammar or winning challenges
  • Level up your avatar while earning points and real life skills in Japanese
  • Train your avatar and have advantages in competing with others
  • Take part in public contests
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Personalize your Dictionary

  • Add notes to dictionary entries
  • Select favourite kanji, words, sentences
  • Add new words and phrases
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View Vocabulary by Topic

  • Browse a topic based dictionary
  • Learn words in the context of other related words
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The best time to start learning Japanese is today

Start learning now

How do you learn japanese?

I'd really appreciate it if you found time for filling in this form for me. It is that your opinions and preferencies do matter. This app is meant to skyrocket your Japanese learning progress. That's why I'd like to know what works the best for you and how I could make an application that would suit your needs the best.

Please, feel free to share any wishes you have about this app. I'd be thankful for any suggestions for functionality and to hear anything you might have to say.


Contribute with your ideas

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